Afloat Again!

Willow is a boat again! We came off dock this morning  and then spent two hours putting the movable ballast back in. We also filled the ballast tanks and tested the new pumps. One click of the “Blow Main Ballast”switcg (although to be accurate it should really be “Blow Q Tank” apparently…) turns them both on and water is expelled at speed from each side of the boat. It’s quite dramatic!

We stopped at Bottisham so we could spend the afternoon with the Pippins (John kindly gave us a lift back to the Lazy Otter to collect the car) and go to Emmaus. As usual we got some good finds! I got a bike for £25 – a nice Dutch style one with hub brakes and gears whose only fault was that it evidently stood too close to a bonfire and the chainguard was melted! I’ve removed the guard and it’s fine. We also got a 1935 mug, marking the silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary making it the same age as Willow. Then a lovely dinner and a catch up which included tasting some Very Nice Gin!




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4 thoughts on “Afloat Again!

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  2. Glad you managed to get everything done in time and more importantly that you fitted in the dock. The ballast tank sounds like a great modification.
    We were on holiday as well but ours was far less energetic – staying in a cottage. Still got our canal fix though, as we were only 200 yards from the Llangollen and went running along the towpath most days.

  3. I see your previous comment “Also painted counter bands (not entirely convinced by the balance of stripes now with the black band in the middle but maybe I’m just not used to it.” resulted in a reversion to the ‘all blue’ arrangement.
    Having now compared the two styles, I think I agree 🙂

  4. Congratulations on being back afloat…the boat looks shiny and new…and I love the mug…

    ~Have a lovely day!

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