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Happy Birthday Willow!

Willow was first registered in Gloucester on the 18th February 1935, making her 82 today! 

At Irthlingborough on the Nene

Willow really is a fantastic boat, we could not have asked for a better historic live aboard narrow boat. And we have lots of adventures to look forward to together! 

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A New Chapter

It’s been quiet around here for a while. And that’s because we’ve been plotting something very big and exciting that we couldn’t reveal until just now.

It will be obvious to anyone reading our blog that we are a bit obsessed with canals and boats, old narrow boats in particular. Our love of the canal network has also never been fully satisfied by life afloat in the Fens and we’ve always sought ways to go boating as much as possible on the cut, on our boat or friends’ boats.

So when we were contacted by Brian and Ann Marie McGuigan (who many will know run coalboat Alton) asking if we were interested in an opportunity to make a living working on the canals up in Cheshire, we jumped at the chance!

Brian and Ann Marie had just taken on Bollington Wharf (on the Macclesfield Canal) and they were looking for some enthusiastic young(ish) people to join them running the place as well as helping out with the coal boats Alton and Halsall. Already signed up were our friends Jason and Charlotte who own Betelgeuse and now Bargus.

This offer came at the right time for us since my job in the Brecks finishes this summer and as I’ve said we’d been itching to leave the Fens. Over the past few months we’ve been going up to visit and refine our roles and business plan with the team which has been enormous fun, as well as getting stuck into yard work. Then after our wedding in May we’ll head northward to new waters and a new adventure. Willow is obviously going to come with us and we will be moored at the yard when we’re not off boating and exploring the canals!

The new Bollington Wharf team

The service moorings at the wharf, with Adelphi Mill opposite.

The wharf is in a great location on the beautiful Macclesfield Canal, in the heart of the lovely friendly town of Bollington, Cheshire. Do pop by and say hello – we have fuel and pumpout/elsan and lots more planned so watch this space.

We will be setting off on our grand wedding/moving north trip at Easter and as usual when we do a big trip we’ll be blogging about it. When we arrive, I will probably start a new dedicated blog about boatyard life.

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