Journey North 9: Fenny Stratford – Soulbury

4 miles 2 locks

Just a short hop this evening to find a new mooring for the night after a few days stopped at Fenny so I could work. 

We visited Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing om Wednesday afternoon, and Simon showed us the replica early computer he and other volunteers are working on.

EDSAC replica project

Then on Thursday our friends who live in Milton Keynes came by with their 7 month old baby, and it was lovely to catch up and meet their little one.

Our mooring in Fenny

Friday was another full day of work for me but at 5pm we saw Jaq on NB Valerie come through the lock. It was lovely to see her although very sad that her husband Les is no longer with us. He was a kindhearted and fun loving man who is missed by many in the boating world. 

Tom and Jan from NB Waiouru were also tied up nearby and it was great to meet them too! After tea and some heavenly Angel bars made by Jaq we decided that we needed to get moving again if only round the corner to Soulbury where we are now tied up ready for a weekend of boating!

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One thought on “Journey North 9: Fenny Stratford – Soulbury

  1. That sounds so interesting…we loved watching The Bletchley Circle…your boat looks so picturesque tied up there…

    ~Have a lovely day!

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