Journey North 23: Priors Hardwick – Long Itchington

11 miles, 17 locks

Today was a bit more challenging than usual. We’d been warned that some old (wider) boats stuck in Napton Lock 9 as it has sagged but we’d decided to go this way anyway and chance it.

So when we got firmly jammed it was not a surprise. It took nearly an hour to get out of the lock and it would have taken longer were it not for the very welcome assistance of CRT lock keeper Steve Powell. Other historic boaters had said that he would be able to get us through and with a combination of skilled flushing, a snatch from another boat and some judiciously applied washing up liquid we were out.

It was quite exhilarating when finally Willow shot forwards on a surge of water.

Here’s where we stuck:

After this excitement a cup of tea on board Helen and Andy’s boat Wand’ring Bark at the bottom of Calcutt locks was very welcome and it was great to see them as they set off on their southern adventures.

We stopped at Long Itchington and decided that a meal out and a drink was in order so went to the Blue Lias for dinner. 

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2 thoughts on “Journey North 23: Priors Hardwick – Long Itchington

  1. > judicially

    I suspect you mean judiciously, but I’m unable to construct a suitable joke around that… Anyway, keep up the blogging, it is fun to read.

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