Journey North 28: Titford – Gailey

19 miles, 27 locks

Catching up on the blogs after the BCN Challenge! 

On Bank holiday Monday we set off down the Crow backwards as with the locks being such a tight fit we didn’t think we’d fit the other way around. We had help from the crew of Team Tawny Owl, with whom we’d also had a lovely breakfast and dinner the night before (thanks Sue!) Annoyingly we managed to unship the rudder going down but James and Andrew managed to get it back in pretty quickly.

Backwards down the Crow

Andrew had kindly offered to stay and help us down the Wolverhampton 21 as well which was appreciated especially as it was quite damp.

Broad Street basin

Down the 21. Photo Andrew Haysom

At the bottom we said goodbye to Andrew who was off to catch a train from Wolverhampton and set off North up the Staffs and Worcester. We tied up at Gailey.

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4 thoughts on “Journey North 28: Titford – Gailey

  1. Lisa Carr

    Dear Both,
    Slightly alarmed to hear about you’re having to do the Wolverhampton Flight backwards and losing the rudder to boot.
    We are planning to go from here into Birmingham and come out down there, new waters for us. We are 70ft, can you further advise please?
    Lisa & David
    NB What a Lark

    • Don’t worry at all. Firstly it was only the Crow (Titford flight) that we did backwards and secondly you’ll have no problems at all with a 70ft boat. Willow is 72ft and it’s those extra feet that are the trouble. At worst you may have to lift a fender. Enjoy Birmingham it’s a great city! Amy

  2. Lisa

    Great thank you, we did have a few problems on some of the locks on the Lower Avon, having to go diagonally then not being able to get out from behind the gate, all marvellous fun of course, but I didn’t fancy a whole flight.
    Enjoy the rest of your journey.

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