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Whilst we still lived on the Duck, I made this little souvenir for James’s Christmas present. It’s a few little mementos of Lucky Duck‘s “adventures” in the style of a museum display. I intended it as something to take with us and display in our new boat once we’d sold the Duck. It lived in the garage until recently when I took it out of its box to display it on top of one of our bookshelves in Willow‘s living room. It’s a reminder of just how far we’ve come in nearly six years of boating, and the help we received from so many people when things when wrong for us is one of the main reasons we try and help other boaters as much as we can.

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Clockwise from top left:

Bits of Fotheringay bridge on the Nene which landed in the welldeck when we smashed into it under tow due to a slipped towing line.

A piece of the flexible coupling which needed 10 hours of angle grinding to remove, with the help of our boating support network!

The piece of coupling which had held one of the pesky grub screw until it came loose.

The offending sheared grub screw itself.

More bits of flexible coupling

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Our next adventure

In 2008, we bought our first narrowboat. Lucky Duck was 48ft long, and we enjoyed four and a half years living afloat on it, learning about the world of the inland waterways, their history and the boats which were built for them. You can read the archive of our adventures here. Then, we got the historic narrow boat bug and so it was that in February 2013, we bought Willow, a 1935 ex-Severn and Canal Carrying Co. motor with a sound hull but a fit-out in need of completion. We’ve come a long way but there’s still a lot to do!

Amy & James (& ship’s cats Lyra and Thea)

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