An Update! And Day 1 of A’s first Voyage!

Our last blog had us arrive at Bollington ready to start work at the boatyard. As we were so busy at the yard, blogging rather fell down the priority list! We had a great couple of years at the yard, we both learned a lot but then someone came along who rather changed our plans!


We initially planned to stay at the yard with BoatBaby aka A, but after a lot of thought we decided to move away, as James had been offered skippering work in London that would mean I could stay at home with our little boy at first. Plus we had always wanted to try London boat life and have friends there.

A was born on 7th Feb and we all stayed at my mum’s for his first 6 weeks. But on Sat 23rd March we moved back onto the boat to begin our journey South. A’s first boat trip!

On Saturday we said goodbye to our colleagues & friends from Macclesfield then on Sunday the voyage really began!

We had 7 lock workers to help us down Bosley and A slept in his buggy the whole way. Hopefully we have help sorted for the rest of the flights, but the more the merrier and if we are passing we would love to see you! Our route is via Braunston.

Lock fairies!

We tied up on the embankment at Congleton overnight, what a beautiful spot. We had always wanted to stop there.

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10 thoughts on “An Update! And Day 1 of A’s first Voyage!

  1. Many congratulations to you and James, and welcome to the (boating) world, A.

  2. Congratulations to you both, and all the best for the new adventure in London.

    We have followed your blog since Lucky Duck days when we too started ‘living-aboard’ and have missed it lately. It doesn’t sound like you will have much time for the next few years either!

    We planned to visit the Macc & Bollington last year but the water shortage put paid to that.

    May you have a ‘good road’ to The Smoke, who knows, you may pass us in the Great Haywood/Fradley/Fazeley area as we are hoping to escape the marina next week.

    Chris & Joy (nb Wrens-Nest)

  3. Judy

    Congratulations and good luck! I’ve been reading you since 2008ish (and went back through all your archives several times!), and learning and living vicariously through your blogs! I’m overjoyed at your good news, as bizarre as that must be coming from a stranger.

  4. Congratulations to you both and welcome to BoatBaby – I love the picture of the buggy plus windlass. Its a far cry from following you on “Luck Duck”! It’s going to be a bit of an adventure. Will look out for you on the Grand Union.
    Steve and Maggie (NB Albert)

  5. Congratulations…and very best wishes!

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