When we sold the Duck, our old Honda EX650 generator went with it. It wasn’t until recently that we bought a new one to replace it (a quiet but relatively beefy 2kW Honda EU20i, capable of battery charging and running the vacuum cleaner although nothing compared to the Pippins’ mighty 6kW beast!). Once we’d eventually got it home (it came from a seller on the Shroppie, who passed it to a friend of ours, who then gave it to us when we were at the Napton do) I called our insurance company and asked them to note it on our file in order to make sure we were covered should it (god forbid) go walkabout. They advised us to photograph and mark it, so that’s why I’m putting it up here, partly!

Additionally, and in order to be covered, it is locked up at all times – either chained to the boat when running on the bank, or locked to a bulkhead inside the engine room when not in use. Eventually we want to have some seats made for the welldeck which will include a lockable box, ventilated overboard, where we can both store and run the generator.

2013-12-15 12.31.58

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One thought on “Generation

  1. It might be worth having a look at Smartwater. Apparently, it’s an invisible ink that shows up under UV.

    Our generator isn’t thus marked, however.

    But only because the act of ‘lifting’ it would give any thieving b*gg*r a hernia…..


    John ‘5.9Kva’ Pippin……

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