Jolly Molly

Last weekend we went out to Ely, via the Five Miles from Anywhere pub at Upware. Our friends Jay and Charlotte who live on butty Betelgeuse (which we helped them move when they first bought the boat in 2014) are members of the Ouse Washes Molly and they were in Ely for an annual Day of Dancing which involved visiting and dancing at several local pubs.. (Molly dancing is the Fenland version of Morris dancing – the style of dancing and the costumes are different – generally more colourful.) They were due to dance at the Five Miles between 3 and 6pm which meant that we had time after rowing to take Willow out there, so we could see them and watch the dancing. After that, all the dancers were heading back to the Cutter in Ely by bus. However, a handful of them joined us for a longer but hopefully more fun method of getting back to Ely – by boat. It was great to have them all on board. We had set off after dark so the lighted beacon of Ely Cathedral’s octagonal tower showed us the way. We arrived at the Cutter in time for a drink before heading up to the house of one of the other dancers where we ate lots of pizza! Then it was back down the hill to the boat and we stayed overnight outside the Cutter in Ely.

The next day we chugged back into Cambridge, via a quick stop at our old mooring, where we had a nice lunch and a catch up with John, Jackie and Rhoda.

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2 thoughts on “Jolly Molly

  1. Jan tells me that you have just got engaged! Congratulations! Perhaps you might do a blog post to update us non-facebookers.

  2. Thank you! Watch this space!

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