Chimney Repairs

Willow’s chimney had always had a bit of a leak. I sealed it up last year, but it had started to come through again, so we needed to get it sorted before we started using it again this winter.

First job was to get it off, and remove the old sealant

2014-09-16 17.05.28 2014-09-16 17.05.47

Our first attempt at resealing it wasn’t successful – it still dripped. So off it came again, and this time as well as the sealant between cabin top and collar we sandwiched a layer of closed cell foam along the critical edges to seal up gaps caused by the irregular surfaces. Then I put several layers of sealant around the edges, leaving a gap between the collar and the handrail so water doesn’t collect. Last night it bucketed down and it was completely dry inside this morning so I think we may have sorted it (for now!). Next job is a ring of high temp sealant on the internal joint which leaked tar last winter, and a touch up of the beautiful green enamel of the stove itself, as well as resealing of the collar between the flue and the stove. Hopefully all in time for the winter’s first fire!

P.S Apologies to the friendly blog readers who approached me whilst I was on the cabin top with sealant gun in hand, unable to say hi properly! Do come back another time!

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3 thoughts on “Chimney Repairs

  1. Chimney repairs?

    Good job too!

    Only three months ’til Christmas!


  2. Toby Cook

    Hi sorry to disturb you when you were so busy. Catch you another day,


  3. Latoya

    With inspection after every six month and a sealant EPDM Roofing
    we can get rid of these problems.

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